Friday, May 25, 2007

This will be the next environment I will be modeling. Should be fun.


Anonymous said...
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Megan said...

Hey Chris. Cheerful and smiley as usual in your photo I see. Anyways, I like this concept. The layout looks good overall; I realy like the design for the circus tent. My only crit is that the perspective seems to be a tad off (for the foreground elements in particular). But that could be fixed pretty easily.

csilva said...

thanks for the comment megan

John said...

Hey Chris,
Thanks for the comment dude. I had to delete it because of the first two sentences (trying to keep my blog professional should pro's or industry people look it up), but I appreciate your comment nonetheless.

I like the overall mood you've established in the circus image. You using painter for these preliminaries. When can we look forward to seeing the environment in 3d?

Definately see you at the next meeting.

John said...

By the way dude,
I think you mean Hippie.