Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here is the complete Grom the Gorilla. I don't think it's wise to add hair (rendering issues). But I might have last minute changes. We'll see. More to come in the following days.


Vypac Voeur said...

Great stuff, Seems your about done with the texturing and stuff. As for me just pushing it, Hopefully i can start timing on Tuesday. Keep up the good work, CU.

Megan said...

Everything's looking very good, and I think I already told you this, but the teeth are awesome. I look forward to seeing more of your progress.

John Lee said...

Sup, dude. It's me John. Your rig came out pretty nice. I have a long way to go.

Hopefully, it will all pay off at the end of semester. Keep it up, man.

Vypac Voeur said...

Sup Chris, im sorry i wasnt able to help. I had looked through the entire blend set up and couldnt find a solution. There are some stuff that i had notice. If you delete the vertex/merge vertex it will mess up your skin weight. I had notice that some of your blend shape were not centered on the pivot. That is most important because blend uses the pivot point as the origin for displacement. I had gone through every tool in maya and no result. My best adive is fix the blend shapes that are affected by creating a normal blend to the blend shapes you had created to correct the inconsistency. The results should be updated to your original brix rig.

Vypac Voeur said...

Sup dude hope its not too late.
Modifying the mesh after skinning will create a tweak node and also a transform set to store the changes. You can delete nondeformer history then find the nodes and delete them in your chain. Then you can create your blend shapes. If you don’t remove it, the tweak node will be on top of your input hierarchy and will override the blends that are stored underneath it, and no you cannot rearrange the tweak node in your input.
If you had already created your blends and added them to your target mesh, what you should do is “do not use membership tool” because it will mess with the weight in your blend shapes. Even though you paint over your blend shapes weight, the member ship will override it, so you’re screwed unless you reassign your membership to the target.
Editing blend weights. You are not able to select which sets of blends you can paint weights on through the paint blend weight tool. To access different blend sets go to the cluster weight tool. Under attribute, select Filter all. Then right on top of that select the attribute, blend Shape, the one you want to edit.