Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello everybody, It has been a while. I had a stupendous winter break with my intersession class and all. I believe it's time to update the good ol' blog. Here are a few of my paintings from last semester. Updates coming very soon. Enjoy.


Desmond said...

I like them all and think they turned out great, but especially like the first and last pieces.

I feel like they were both "something new" for you, and you pulled them off nicely. Perspective looks spot on, and the colors are great.

Edward said...

I think I've only met you like--twice or three times...but in those times--let me just say that I know talent when I see it and you've got it in spades. Not since John Cahoun, Raymond Ferro, Michael Barrio or Chris Michael have I seen some badass models. That's about it--and that' from like 3 years at Fullerton! But whatever you end up doin--just keep doin it coz you love it dude. I look forward to seein more. Checkout my blog if you ever have
If not to see my work then at least to check out LeSean or Andy Park's work...Those mofos are the $@#%!!
Till then--take care.