Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hey guys,

I have another animation test. I had the regular walk cycle done, so I decided to do a walk cycle with attitude. I had fun with this one because pirates are awesome...and it was a challenge to incorporate the peg leg into the walk. I had to take into effect that he would have a hobble on one side and deal with the weight of the sword on the other side. I believe it turned out pretty good and that it will help me with my later tests to come. I hope you like it, have a great week and more post to come.......and if you haven't seen "the dark knight" yet, set it!


KiJeon Nam said...

Hey, Chris,

Thanks for the comment. Man, you have some really cool digital paintings, 3D models, and animations here! The pirate walk is really nice, too. I could feel the attitude of the character. I guess I should post up some of my 3D animation as well (I took the rigging class last semester), but I'm not posting any of them up until (if? haha) I fix them to my liking. =P Anyways, keep up the awesome work. =)

Carrie Liao said...

hi chris :)

i love this one! it's cool to see how you keep challenging yourself. The way you animated his hobble is really effective. I wonder if it might be more exaggerated to one side, given that the pirate might usually put more on his normal foot and shift his weight in a way that would make his hobbling even more awkward. I'm not expert on peg legs though, so I don't know. anyways, it looks fantastic

dark knight left me in awe haha

EricWu said...

Hey Chris
This walk is really good! I like how you handled the weight and the peg leg walk, looks believable. The only thing that stands out a bit is his right arm seems to have the exact same timing as his peg leg and I think it could be broken up a bit.

Now that you finished a pirate walk I assume a Ninja walk is in the works? Sorry, bad joke... bad joke.

jenfuj said...

this is awesome!

may said...

Hi, Chris,
Wonderful animation, nice model and rendering as well:) Is it a part of your personal short? Keep it up, you're on the right path:)

Megan said...

Very fun pirate walk...your strongest walk cycle yet. Keep at it, you're coming up with good work!

Chris Silva said...

Hey guys,

Thank you so much for the feed back and comments. I been MIA for awhile due to weird times.

May: I'm not working on a personal short as of yet. But soon. This is just a regular pirate walk cycle.

Anyway, I will be posting new stuff shortly. Thanks again for the encouragement.