Monday, July 7, 2008

Wibbon all finished up

Hey Guys,

Wibbon, the salamander alien thing, is just about finished. This guy was more of a challenge then my previous model, Leo. I had to experiment and troubleshoot all sorts of issues, but he turned out pretty good. He's suppose to have a wet like texture on his body (like a salamander) and have a demented, but fun, look. All in all, he was a fun character to model and I can't wait to animate this guy. I hope you like, but now... it is time to animate!!! More posts to come.


Megan said...

He looks amazing!!! Stellar job on both characters--I'm so happy to see these guys in 3D.

BrandoAbba said...

Awesome Work! Really fun looking character, It's going to look great when animated! keep it up!

Chris Silva said...

Thanks guys, Dan is almost done with character one and I am really excited. I'll keep you updated.